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Your child's learning support team

A school learning support team coordinates planning and decision-making, so that the educational needs of your child are addressed. The team ensures that collaborative planning and programming occurs, that effective teaching strategies are in place, that available and appropriate school resources are being used and that monitoring, assessing and reporting occurs.

Key members of the learning support team are those people who are essential to the planning process including yourself, your child's class teacher, your child's teacher of the deaf, the principal or other people interested and involved in planning for your child's learning needs. You may nominate or request an advocate, interpreter or other support person such as a grandparent or friend to join the team.

Once your child's learning support needs have been discussed and a learning support plan developed, the main responsibility for meeting the needs of your child rests with the school and the classroom teacher.

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Information supplied by: NSW Department of Education 

Extract from "Who's Going to Teach my Child - a guide for parents of children with special learning needs."
NSW Department of Education and Training, 1999.

Reproduced with permission.

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