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UHL Parent Chats - Zoom in for Support

20 June, 2023 Jane Colys Parents

Parents of kids with unilateral hearing loss (UHL)...

Join this inaugural parent group chat to share what’s been happening in your life, the challenges and the triumphs. Ask for advice from the group and connect with families walking a similar path. The Zoom catch-up will be informal with no specific topic and facilitated by Jane Colys, Information Coordinator from Aussie Deaf Kids.

It will hopefully be the first of a series of regular Zoom catch-ups. 

Date: Tuesday 11th July 2023

Time: 12:30pm

To register, you need to be a parent of a child with UHL and be a member of our ADK UHL Facebook group. The registration details are within the group (click here to join group).

Numbers will be limited to keep the group small and manageable.