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TV, DVD and captions for deaf children

Your child may find captions a very useful way of following TV programs, DVDs, movies, cartoons and so on. Captions allow deaf children to read the spoken words and other sounds contained in the program or movie. They can also help your child to pick up new words, improve their reading skills and develop their understanding of many ideas and concepts.

If your child is not sure that they have understood all the captions, they may benefit from watching the program or movie again. Many young children enjoy watching the same thing over and over again and this can help them to understand the meanings of different words. It is useful to always have the subtitles switched on when your child is around, as this will help them to see subtitles as a normal part of watching TV.

Many TV programs have closed captions that you can watch through Teletext by going to page 801. To watch subtitles on digital television choose "subtitles" from the on-screen menu. Your TV guide should have information on which programs have closed captions. You can use a standard DVD player or video recorder to record a program with captions from digital television.

Most DVDs have subtitles in different languages that you can switch on and off through the DVD's main menu. Check the back of the box to make sure a DVD has subtitles for deaf people or English subtitles.

Information provided by the National Deaf Children's Society. Reproduced with permission.
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