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The future of your child's hearing services is in your hands!

19 December, 2016 Ann Porter Parents

The Australian Government is conducting an inquiry into
“The provision of hearing services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).” 

After much lobbying by deaf advocacy groups (including Aussie Deaf Kids and Parents of Deaf Children), this is your chance to tell your stories and your concerns for your children – please support this by being personally involved in the future of hearing services for our kids.

We need YOU to tell the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS your story.
An hour of your time can make a huge difference for your child.

We believe it is important for HUNDREDS of parents to tell their stories to the committee. The number of stories shows politicians these issues matter. 

Personal stories connect with the Committee and make the issues real.  Some of the most powerful stories are a single page.

If you have a child who is an NDIS recipient, or you are in the process of registering your child for the NDIS, your perspective is important.

All you need to do is write a letter to the Committee and tell them your experiences and thoughts before 30 January 2017.

Send your letter/submission to

We have prepared some background information and ideas that might help you. We also have a couple of example letters for you to look at or use.

More information:


Call us if you need help or more information.

  • Aussie Deaf Kids - 02 6684 2571
  • Parents of Deaf Children - 02 9871 3049​​​​​​​