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Survey - Parent information needs and the NDIS

10 September, 2017 Ann Porter Parents

Parents of children who have a permanent hearing loss are invited to participate in our survey Parent Information Needs and the NDIS

The purpose of this survey

The NDIS is currently operating in some areas of Australia and by 2019 most families of children with permanent hearing loss will access services through the NDIS.

The NDIS brings a self-directed funding model to people with disabilities. This involves changes to how parents of children with hearing loss access services for their child. Parents will be faced with more choices and decisions about their child’s needs. The NDIS can be challenging for families to understand and navigate.

Aussie Deaf Kids is planning to develop an online information package for families of children with hearing loss. This information will assist parents to navigate the NDIS pathway and make informed decisions when planning for their child’s needs.

To develop this resource, we need to gather information from parents about their needs related to the NDIS. This survey asks about your needs, thoughts and concerns about the NDIS for you and your family.

Who should fill in the survey

All parents of children who have permanent hearing loss are invited to complete the survey. Aussie Deaf Kids would like families who are already registered with the NDIS, as well as families who are not yet registered, to complete the survey.


Your survey responses will be completely confidential. No names or identifying data will be used in any reporting of the survey’s findings.


By completing this online survey, you consent to participate in this research and agree that Aussie Deaf Kids can use the data to guide the development of an NDIS-related information package. Aussie Deaf Kids will also use the data to communicate parent needs to government.

Thank you for your time.