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Support for GPODHH in the City2Surf

08 August, 2016 Ann Porter Parents

The passionate team at MED-EL Australasia will be running (walking, or crawling) in the City2Surf 2016 and we wanted to run with a reason - a motivating purpose to help push us from that 7km point where we will want to have a rest, all the way on to the finish line. And if they do make that finish line, together with your support, they can help GPODHH to reach their goals of connecting families of deaf children to the resources they need. 

Who is the GPODHH and What are Their Goals?
The Global Coalition of Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (GPOD) is an international collaboration of parent groups dedicated to promoting improved systemic protocols and practices which encourage informed choice and the empowerment of families with a deaf or hard of hearing child throughout the world.

They are currently working on building up much needed resources from member countries, to enable parents (and professionals) to have access to information that is useful for families in their own language. 

This is where MED-EL would really like to help. 

And we would love for you to consider sponsoring us in this very important mission. Your loose change, a single $5 note for a cup of coffee could also be used to give the gift of CONNECTION.