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Sun protection and humidity

Moisture, heat and humidity are enemies of hearing aids and cochlear implants. They can affect the electronics, cause corrosion and shorten battery life. There are a few things you can teach your kids as they return to school so they are sun-safe and their hearing aids or implants stay in good working order.

  • Apply sunscreen to ears, face and neck and let it dry. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before putting the devices back on.
  • Have a cleaning kit handy in case sunscreen does get inside the moulds or microphone.
  • Use hats or visors that are designed for wearing with hearing aids or cochlear implants (available through various suppliers). Mesh sides work well, and secure straps under the chin for toddlers who want to pull off their hats and aids. Bucket hats that are a size bigger can work too.
  • On humid days consider using a loose hat that allows air circulation and prevents moisture build-up around the devices.
  • If hearing aids or implants are removed, keep them in a container in a cool dry place. Leaving them in a hot car or school bag lying in the sun is not recommended! Heat can cause serious damage to devices.
  • Place devices in a dehumidifier after exercise.

Download the Real Life Tip infographic.

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