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Successfully navigating Individual Education Plans

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is a written statement that outlines the goals, strategies, and adjustments needed to meet a student’s unique educational needs. The IEP is important in helping students reach their full potential! The plan is developed collaboratively by a team of people who are invested in the student’s education, including parents, the student, teachers, and other professionals like Teachers of the Deaf or Itinerant Support Teachers. It’s important for everyone on this learning support team to meet regularly to review the plan and make any necessary adjustments.

Parents and students need to be involved in goal setting and choosing appropriate accommodations. By planning ahead, advocating effectively, participating in meetings, and holding the learning support team accountable, parents can help their child get the best possible outcomes. See our Advocacy in School RLT link.

Hands & Voices have some great pop-up questions and responses that might come in handy during those more difficult learning support meetings.

Download the Real Life Tips infographic.

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