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Safety information for cochlear implants

Children with cochlear implants are able to take part in most activities, although sometimes it is advisable to remove the external equipment during the activity (such as football, netball and swimming). In order to avoid damaging the internal part of the implant, children with cochlear implants are advised to avoid contact sports (such as judo, kick-boxing and rugby).

During the assessment for a cochlear implant, you will be given safety guidelines for cochlear implants. The safety guidelines should include information about

  • medical matters
  • going through security systems
  • flying
  • using personal stereos, audio equipment, TV and so on
  • the effects of static electricity
  • interference
  • safety at work

It is important that you read these guidelines and talk to your cochlear implant team about your concerns during the assessment process. You can get the most recent safety guidance from your cochlear implant team or by visiting the BCIG website

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