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School will play a major part of your child’s life for many years. There is much parents can do to ensure the time is enjoyable and productive for you and your child.

Transition to school

The people working with your child can become an early learning team to support your child’s transition to school.

Starting school

Choosing a school where your child will be happy and have the best chances to learn and develop is very important.

Support at school

Your child’s learning support team coordinates planning and decision-making, so that the educational needs of your child are addressed. You are an important part of this team.

Parents and school

You have a major role to play in helping school staff to develop an educational program which will meet your child’s needs.

Find a primary school

There are a number of school options available depending on the needs of your child and where you live.

Your child at secondary school

Secondary school is another major transition for you and your child. Careful planning and preparation is needed so your child continues on a path of lifelong learning.

Information for your child’s teacher

Some helpful tips and information for your child’s classroom teacher will get each year off to a good start.




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