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What is the job you love?

I am a solicitor. I specialise in family law which means I help people sort out their children and property matters once their relationships have broken down.

How did you get into this line of work?

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Journalism) and Bachelor of Laws at university.  I did the Journalism degree because I love writing and I enjoyed balancing the creativity in my Journalism degree with the seriousness of the Law degree.  I have always wanted to be a solicitor because I believe in justice and I liked the idea of helping people who couldn’t advocate for themselves.

What is the best part about your job?

The best part about my job is knowing that I have helped someone and made a difference to their life.  When people come to see me, they are normally stressed or anxious about their personal situation and by giving them advice, information or representing them, I like that I can help them sort out their difficulties and make them feel better.  I also love going to court and making a case before a Judge – I always get nervous and tongue-tied but there is an adrenaline rush when you argue for something you believe in – and win!

What are some of the challenges of your job?

Being a solicitor can be very stressful at times and it is no fun doing long hours at work!

What advice would you give a deaf or hard of hearing person who is looking for a career like yours?

You can do it. If you are committed, dedicated and able to put your head down and work hard, then there is absolute nothing to stop you from being whatever it is you want to be.  It is important to plan for the future – think about what it is you want to do and then research what it is you need to do to get there.  By mapping out this career plan, it will motivate you to do the things you need to do (for example, aiming for a particular UAI mark to get into university to study law) and it will be easier to get to where you want to be.  Don’t worry about being limited by having a hearing impairment or being deaf because there are ways (and lots and lots of technology!) that will help you to carry out your chosen career.

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