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Negotiating the health system

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Medical recordWhen your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, there are a number of professionals and specialists who will make up part of the team looking after your child. 
Medical services

It is a good idea to find a good General Practitioner (GP). Your GP can play an important role in co-ordinating the overall care of your child, particularly when you are seeing a number of specialists. 

In Australia, we have a choice as to whether we choose the public or private health system – both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Hearing services

Hearing services for children are provided by Hearing Australia – a Commonwealth Government Authority that provides a full range of services to children and young people up to 26 years of age, aged pensioners and most war veterans.

Their national Children’s Services Program supports children who have a hearing loss and their families. The aim is to optimise each child’s speech, education and communication development.

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