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We asked parents what message they would like to send to parents whose baby had recently been diagnosed with hearing loss. And this is their message for you…
Your baby is the same precious little person they were before you found out about their hearing loss.
From us to youIt is fine to be sad.
From us to youSome days will be hard but most days will be wonderful.
From us to youSoon you really will be able to say, “It’s only hearing loss” and realise that it is nowhere near as bad as you imagined it might be.
Fro us to youOver the years you will experience joy, surprise, laughter and pride as you see what your child achieves.
From us to youDon’t be scared – you are not alone.
From us to youReach out to other parents in the same position and ask them lots of questions.
From us to youHave coffee with a deaf mum or dad – they can be a great resource.
From us to youTake time out to enjoy your family and friends – and ask for help when you need it.
From us to youKiss your beautiful baby and hang on for the ride of your life. It is going to be different to what you imagined but it will surprise and delight you over and over again.
Last updated: 3rd Apr, 2024




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