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After diagnosis

This section provides some parent-to-parent advice and starts you thinking about the next steps you will need to take for your baby to benefit from the services and support available.

Your child's hearing

Find out about hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants, specific types of hearing loss and more.

Language and communication

Communication starts the moment your baby is born. As you cuddle your little one, you let the baby know, "I love you. I will keep you safe and warm." The process of learning language starts within healthy relationships in early infancy.

Early Intervention

Early intervention starts soon after your baby has been diagnosed with hearing loss. The primary goal of early intervention is to help you communicate with your child and encourage his or her development.


School will play a major part of your child's life for many years.There is much parents can do to ensure the time is enjoyable and productive for you and your child..

Behaviour and mental health

Deafness can impact on your child's social, emotional and psychological development. You can assist your child to develop lifelong strategies for good mental health.


Children who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy and benefit from music too!


Children with hearing loss can participate in all sports with very little, if any, modifications.

Beyond school

Our children grow and start to follow their own dreams. Parents still have an important role to play as their children become independent young people.

Our stories

Parents and kids share their stories...

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