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Pedestrian safety

DHH kids and adults are more at risk on the road. They may not be able to hear oncoming traffic, road works or emergency vehicles. Even if they wear cochlear implants or hearing aids, these devices have limitations such as the microphone pick-up range, and sound being distorted or not picked up until it’s much closer. It may also be hard for them to judge the direction of sound and how far away it is. So, let’s teach our kids to be street smart with the following safety tips…

  • Explain to your child the importance of looking both ways a number of times before crossing the road or a driveway! And do not cross from behind cars or large objects!
  • Teach your child to use visual prompts such as road signs, flashing lights, vehicle reverse lights and indicators etc. to help them make safe decisions.
  • Tell them to cross at lights or pedestrian crossings where possible. Remind your child that they still need to look before and as they cross in case a vehicle does not stop! You can even encourage them to sign “thanks” to cars that stop at a crossing as this will make drivers more aware of deaf pedestrians.
  • We should encourage our kids as they get older, and they are going for walks on their own, to always carry a charged mobile phone in case of emergency. And, if they are walking at night it is important to be visible to cars so wearing a high visibility vest is a good solution.

Download the Real Life Tips infographic.

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