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Participate in research

As parents of a deaf or hard of hearing child, we have all benefitted from the generosity of families who participate in research studies that improved the lives of our children. Ongoing research is needed to help children with hearing loss in all aspects of their lives. Researchers need a wide range of participants to improve the quality of their research. And better-quality research means improved benefits for children and families.

People participate in research for many reasons, but some examples include:

  • to contribute to ongoing improvements in services and supports that might benefit children in the future
  • to build their knowledge about hearing loss in children
  • to do something interesting
  • to make the journey easier for families following in their footsteps
  • to access new technology or management options that are not yet widely available 
  • to contribute to the greater good.

Aussie Deaf Kids receives frequent requests from researcher to assist in recruiting participants to their studies. Every study we advertise has received ethics approval from an appropriate ethics committee, which means that the wellbeing and safety of participants is both protected and respected.

If you agree to participate in research, all researchers will require you to provide informed consent. The researcher is expected to provide potential participants with enough information that you understand, so that you can make a voluntary decision whether to participate or not in the research study. Your participation is always voluntary.

Current studies seeking participants

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