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Real Life Tips answer questions that parents ask in our online groups. 

Click on the READ MORE  below to learn more about some questions and issues that arise for families from time-to-time. 

You can download a PDF of the Real Life Tip in each post.

Self advocacy

Self-advocacy means looking out for yourself, knowing what you need, and communicating your needs effectively to others. Self-advocacy is a skill that your child can

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Healthy sibling relationships can be a wonderful source of love and support. Siblings help each other to learn about fairness, cooperation, kindness and caring –

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Smile often

Have a look at our tips on growing up with hearing loss, which include… Smile as often as possible – because a smile means much

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Turn on the light

Turn on the light or use night lights in your child’s bedroom when saying goodnight! Your child is unlikely to be wearing any hearing devices

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Turning 18

As your child who is deaf or hard of hearing approaches adulthood, important actions may need to be taken to assist them in moving forward

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