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A well-adjusted, successful child who is deaf or hard of hearing is the product of a well adjusted, successfully supported family. This section provides information to assist you to successfully navigate your journey with your child with hearing loss.

Real Life Tips

Real life tips that parents may find helpful for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

ADK groups for parents

aussie deaf kids has a number of groups where families can find the support and information they need from other parents.

Making good decisions

Your involvement in making decisions for your child is crucial. Making good decisions is a collaborative process between you and the professionals supporting you.


Deaf children need a dad who can be a positive role model.


Healthy sibling relationships can be a wonderful source of love and support. Siblings help each other to learn ...

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS provides individual support for people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers - inclduing children with hearing loss.

Services and support

There are many organisations and service providers who will guide and support your family through your child's growing years.

Participate in research

Opportunities to participate in research that might benefit children with hearing loss in many aspects of their lives.

Standards and guidelines

There are a number of standards and guidelines that document best practice for the services children and their families receive.

Advocating for your child

Advocacy is about speaking on behalf of your child to negotiate for services and support.

Financial matters

The Federal and State Governments provide some financial assistance to assist families raising a deaf child.

Perspectives of deafness

We can learn from the experiences, thoughts and stories of deaf adults...

Deafness and the law

There are a number of laws designed to make disability discrimination unlawful and promote equal opportunity and access to people with disabilities.

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