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UHL Parent Chat - Zoom in for Support

23 September, 2023 Jane Colys

Parents of kids with unilateral hearing loss... Join our next parent group chat to share what’s been happening in your life, the challenges and the triumphs. Ask for advice from the group and connect with families walking a similar path. The Zoom catch-up will be informal and facilitated by Jane Colys, Information Coordinator from Aussie Deaf Kids. We had great feedback from our first parent chat session. They recommended we host these chats every 3 months, so the next one is scheduled for: Date:      Monday, 16th October 2023 Time:     12:30 pm AEST Please register asap via this Eventbrite link because...

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Sounds & Signs - September 2023

04 September, 2023 Jane Colys

The September 2023 edition of Sounds Signs the official newsletter of Aussie Deaf Kids - is now available. Read it online: Sounds Signs September 2023 To subscribe:

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27 organisations sign open letter to Minister for Education

16 August, 2023 Ann Porter

The proposal by the Department of Education in Victoria to significantly cut their Visiting Teacher program has seen unprecedented collaboration between groups across the country.  27 disability organisations, including Aussie Deaf Kids, have come together and signed an Open Letter to the Minister for Education in Victoria advocating for the Visiting Teacher program to continue.  More information: Open letter to the Minister for Education...

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Sounds & Signs - August 2023

08 August, 2023 Jane Colys

The August 2023 edition of Sounds Signs the official newsletter of Aussie Deaf Kids - is now available. Read it online: Sounds Signs August 2023 To subscribe:

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Cuts to Visiting Teachers in Victoria

06 August, 2023 Ann Porter

The Victorian Department of Education has proposed staff cuts that would significantly reduce the number of specialist Visiting Teachers VTs) from 117 to 32. These VTs currently provide specialised educational support, including direct teaching, to students in government schools who are deaf and hard of hearing, blind or have low vision, or deafblind, many of whom have additional disabilities.  Aussie Deaf Kids has joined with a number of concerned organisations, including UsherKids Australia, Parents of Deaf Children, National Association for Australian Teachers of the Deaf NAATD) and the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment SPEVI Inc) to oppose these cuts and...

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