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ANSD Webinar

18 September, 2018 Ann Porter Parents

What do you want to know about ANSD? We are planning a webinar on Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder ANSD) in late October for parents whose children have been diagnosed with ANSD. Dr Kirsty Gardner-Berry, who specialises in ANSD in children, wants to make sure the webinar answers the questions that parents have. What information would you like her to cover in the webinar? Are there things about ANSD that you would like to know more about? You can let us know by posting here or emailing us at It would also be helpful to know whether day or night is...

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The NDIS needs your input

01 August, 2018 Ann Porter Parents

The National Disability Insurance Agency NDIA) is inviting parents of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing to a workshop to be held on Tuesday, 21 August in Melbourne. The purpose of this workshop is for the NDIA to hear from your experience and also to obtain feedback on some proposed enhancements to the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS) pathway experience for children 0 6 years but not exclusively) who are deaf or hard of hearing. I encourage you to attend if you can. This is an opportunity to have your say and directly contribute to the future NDIS...

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Parents attending WHO meeting in Geneva

03 July, 2018 Ann Porter Parents

3 July 2018: Representatives from the Global Coalition of Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children GPODHH) will be attending the 3rd Stakeholder’s Meeting for the WHO Programme on Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss on July 3 4, 2018, at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  With funding from Aussie Deaf Kids - a GPODHH member organisation two GPODHH parent leaders will be representing the group’s agenda at the WHO meeting: Bianca Birdsey, MD, the mother of three deaf daughters and Director of South Africa’s Thrive program; and Anisa Ibrahimovic, the mother of a deaf son and an attorney who...

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2018 Annual Appeal

06 June, 2018 Ann Porter Parents

You can donate by going to

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Speech processor upgrades

13 February, 2018 Ann Porter Parents

Australian Hearing has recently extended the upgrade criteria for children and young adults who have a Nucleus 5 CP810) speech processor or older. For more information:

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