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Merry Christmas

15 December, 2015 Ann Porter Parents

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, relaxing and fun-filled summer holiday break.

Thank you to all the people who continue to make ADK possible. Each one contributes their time and expertise pro bono and we are truly grateful.

  • Our board members - Steve Pascoe (Chair), Mike Allen, Jill Duncan, Bruce Porter and Nick Watkins
  • Our moderators - Kelly Alexander, Naomi Campling, Fiona McKay, Donna O'Mara and Jo Williams
  • Our auditors - Wybenga & Partners
  • Our bookkeeper - Annie Vu
  • Our web designer - Damian Codotto from Mindwire

And thank you to all the parents in our groups who share their experiences and information in the spirit of cooperation and understanding. 

Bruce and I are heading overseas for a few weeks and are hoping to have a white Christmas with Bonny in Berlin. In 1996, Bonny lost her hearing and it was the support we received from other parents that helped us see a future of hope and possibilities.

Until next year...

Ann Porter
Founder and CEO of Aussie Deaf Kids