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Making informed decisions

There are four steps to making informed decisions:


What decision do I need to make?

How long do I have to make this decision?

What is my role in this process?


What are my options?

What are the possible benefits and risks of each option?

How would this decision affect my child?

How would this decision affect my family?


Do I understand the consequences of choosing each option?

Am I clear about the benefits and risks that matter most to me?

Who else is involved in this decision?

Which option do they prefer?

Is this person pressuring me?

How can they support me?

STEP 4: 

What role do I want in making this decision?

Do I have enough support and advice to make this decision?

Do I feel this is the right choice for my child and family?

What is making it hard to make this decision?

Download the Real Life Tips infographic.

More information:

If you would like to learn more about making decisions, we have a FREE course designed for parents. It takes about an hour to complete, but you can dip in and out whenever you have the time.

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