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Influence of language use on social development in D/HH children

Researchers from the University of Queensland are seeking children who are deaf or hard of hearing (aged between 3 and 12 years) to participate in an Australia-wide research study.

Study Overview

We know that unimodal bilingualism (the use of two spoken languages) in hearing children drives advances in social development. However, we know little about how bimodal bilingualism (the use of one signed language and one spoken language) affects social development in Deaf/hard of hearing children.

The development of social skills allows children to build friendships and have positive social interactions which are important for their wellbeing. Researchers from The University of Queensland will investigate social development in Deaf/hard of hearing children who use spoken English both with and without any exposure to signing.

This knowledge will contribute to scientific understanding worldwide, and may provide new insights to support the social development of Deaf/hard of hearing children.

For more information: Participant Information Sheet

If you’re interested, please contact Summer Crombie (the primary researcher and a member of the Deaf community) via email:


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