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Grandma Carol's story

Hi to all the grandparents out there who are now helping with the grandchildren.

We can all remember the shock and grief we felt when we heard that our precious grandchild was diagnosed deaf. I well remember the phone call from a distraught daughter who had taken our new little bundle for a hearing test just because he had been in special care in hospital. I dropped everything and raced over to find the house in turmoil and my daughter sitting in the corner nursing her two week old with tears dripping down her face on to his blanket, and a son-in-law in shock, not knowing what to do.

How many things have happened since then. Our little man initially had a unilateral hearing loss but OH!!! How??? We would love to go back to that little problem. Our little fellow has had a lot of other thing since then but he is improving every day.

We are the support, the shoulder to cry on, the ones to be grumped at when things go bad and understand the reason for it and not get angry. We are the backstop to take the baby and give Mum a break. We are the font of all knowledge, and know nothing at all. We are the ones who give unconditional love to our beautiful grandchildren and walk with pride as we wheel them in the supermarket with the hearing aids and processors, and answer the questions from other children, and well-meaning stupid adults.

The changes to my life have been massive. I have gone back to Uni, to become a Teacher of the Deaf, and I am loving every minute of it. I plan to change schools and teach in a Deaf Facility in the next year. I have learned so much about such a wide range of things in the last couple of years. I have amazed myself. My darling little red-haired, monster, love, non-sleeping devil, and a hundred other adjectives has changed my life for the better.

Grandma Carol - Torin 2 CI . My wonderful little red-haired monkey.

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18-Feb-2022 8:34 AM (AEST)