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Parents tell us they want to know about new research that might help them support their child with hearing loss.

JournalTOCs is a free journal table of contents (TOC) service. Register with JournalTOCs and have a regular summary of the latest research delivered to your Inbox.

This short YouTube clip explains how to register and set up your TOC alerts:

Below is a suggested list of journals to explore (in alphabetical order):

Many of the articles might be of little interest to you, but sometimes one will catch your eye. Read on to find out what to do next.

1.  Read the Abstract

  • Click on the link to the article of interest. This should take you to a page where you can read the abstract, which outlines the research and its findings.
  • You can also copy the article’s title and put it into your search engine. You should find a link to the abstract here as well.
  • If you still think the research might be of interest, you can then find the whole article – the full text.

2.  Find the full text of the article

  • Some journals are open access (free) and some authors pay for their research articles to be available at no cost. While free articles are available, this is usually not the case and articles can be expensive.
  • Your service provider might have a copy of the article for you to read.
  • You can contact the lead author of the research, and they are usually able to provide you with a free copy of the article.
  • All articles in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education are free twelve months after initial publication.

Please discuss research you think might be relevant for your child with your service provider.

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