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Financial - Real Life Tips

Click on the images or topic headings below to see some helpful tips on financial support.


Carer allowance and carer payment

Depending on the level of your child's hearing loss, you may be eligible for the carer allowance and/or carer payment.

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Financial assistance for families with a child with a disability

As well as the NDIS, there are other financial supports that may help.

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Should I self-manage my NDIS funding

We recently polled our FB groups and learnt that over 50% of parents self-managed their child's NDIS plan and 75% of these parents would recommend self-management to other parents. Your decision to self-manage may be influenced by the complexity of your child's plan, your confidence in your organisational and record-keeping skills, or your lack of knowledge of what is required.

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Ways to manage your NDIS funding

There are 3 ways to manage your child's NDIS funding.

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