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Financial assistance

Young people might be eligible for financial support while studying or seeking empoyment.

Youth Allowance

Youth Allowance can assist a young person who is studying, undertaking training or an Australian Apprenticeship, looking for work, or sick.
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ABSTUDY helps Indigenous secondary or tertiary student or a full-time Australian Apprentice to stay at school or go on to further studies. It consists of a fortnightly living allowance as well as additional components to help with the costs associated with attending school.
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Newstart Allowance

Newstart Allowance helps unemployed young people while they are looking for work and allows them to participate in activities designed to increase their chances of finding work.
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Youth Disability Supplement

Additional financial support to young people with a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability who receive certain income support payments.
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Disability Support Pension 

The Disability Support Pension is a payment for people whose physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment prevents them from working, or for people who are permanently blind.
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