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EARS for Kids app

13 January, 2016 Ann Porter Parents

With the support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation through an Innovation Grant, the Qld Hearing Loss Family Support Service has developed the CHQ (Children’s Health Queensland) app.  This app will list services that your child may require including the QHLFSS which we have called ‘EARS for Kids’. 

EARS for Kids will enable families to have immediate and portable access to current information about their child’s hearing loss. Parents can now easily access on the spot information about audiology, education, medical and allied health services in the hearing loss sector.  Parents and carers can find a service on a map, request a phone call from QHLFSS, store their child’s audiology and other reports, and evaluate services to help make the best decisions for their child. In the past parents and carers have needed to carry reports and letters from professionals involved in their child’s care with them to appointments, requiring a lot of organisation and inconvenience. The CHQ app removes the need for this, giving families the ability to load these documents into the app and carry them electronically instead. No hard copies required and one less thing to remember!

We are responding to the increasing use of mobile devices for the delivery of information and services through the development of CHQ related apps.  The CHQ app is an example of our commitment to providing our customers with tools and services that make life a little easier and contribute to a brighter future for all our kids and their families.

The MyCHQ app with EARS for Kids is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.