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Early Intervention Services - VIC

Depending on where you live and your child's hearing loss, your child may be eligible for Australian Government funding through one of two programs:

  1. Better Start for Children with Disability
    From 1 July 2011, children with a four frequency hearing loss of 40dB or greater in the better ear are eligible to access Better Start funding. Parents of eligible children will be able to access up to $12,000 (with a maximum of $6,000 per financial year) to pay for certain early intervention services. Families do not require Better Start funding for services offered by a State or Territory Government.  
  2. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    The first stage of the NDIS began at a number of trial sites in July 2013. Roll-out of the full scheme will commence progressively from July 2016. Children who currently receive Better Start funding will transition across to the NDIS when it becomes available in their area.

If your child is not eligible for Better Start or NDIS funding, you are still able to access early intervention services at minimal or no cost to your family. Contact the services listed below and discuss what services they are able to provide your child.

The information provided in the table below lists the government services and non-government organisations who provide early intervention services for children with hearing loss and their families in Victoria.

Contact details

Early Childhood Intervention Services
Call 1800 783 783 and ask for Specialist Children's Services in your region

Barwon South Western Region
Phone: 1800 354 605

Grampians Region
Phone: 03 5330 8608 or 03 5330 8613 

Loddon-Mallee Region 
Phone: 1300 363 514 

Eastern Metropolitan Region 
Phone: 1300 662 655 

Northern Metropolitan Region 
Phone: 03 9304 0775 

Southern Metropolitan Region 
Phone: 1300 720 151 

Western Metropolitan Region 
Phone: 03 9275 7500 

Hume Region 
Phone: 1800 627 391 

Gippsland Region 
Phone: 1800 33 60 10 

Services provided ECIS provide a range of specialist services for children with disabilities and their families 
Services depend on the needs of the child and family
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Contact details 96 Holland Road South
Blackburn South VIC 3130
Phone: 03 8878 9878
Services provided Centre-based and community-based services
Individualised program
Early learning groups - play groups
Language Enrichment Group - three year old Bilingual Kindergarten.
Parent support and education
Communication options Bilingual program - children are encouraged to acquire early communication and language skills by being exposed to both spoken and signed languages. The development of listening skills is encouraged so that all children can make the best use of their residual hearing.
Location of services Early intervention programs are available to families living anywhere in Victoria
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Contact details 2 Francis Street
East Brighton VIC 3187
Phone: 03 9596 6830
Better Start Provider Panel Yes
Services provided Home or centre based services
Individualised program
Parent education and support
Communication options All EEP programs aim to promote the child's spoken language and listening skills. Visual communication techniques are also available as required to strengthen the child's early learning communication with their parents.
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TARALYE : The Oral Language Centre for Deaf Children
Contact details 137 Blackburn Road
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 03 9877 1300
Better Start Provider Panel Yes
Services provided Home-based
Remote Regions Program
Parent support groups
Play groups
Communication options Oral language development
Location of services Visiting services are offered in Ballarat, Warrnambool, Geelong and Drouin
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Contact details Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Remote Early Learning Program
Phone: 1300 131 923
Better Start Provider Panel Yes
Services provided Services provided by video-conferencing
Individualised program
Assist parents to develop skills to support child
Parent education
Assessment and consultation at North Rocks campus
Communication options Auditory-verbal
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