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Cuts to Visiting Teachers in Victoria

06 August, 2023 Ann Porter Parents

The Victorian Department of Education has proposed staff cuts that would significantly reduce the number of specialist Visiting Teachers (VTs) from 117 to 32. These VTs currently provide specialised educational support, including direct teaching, to students in government schools who are deaf and hard of hearing, blind or have low vision, or deafblind, many of whom have additional disabilities. 

Aussie Deaf Kids has joined with a number of concerned organisations, including UsherKids Australia, Parents of Deaf Children, National Association for Australian Teachers of the Deaf (NAATD) and the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI Inc) to oppose these cuts and urge the Department of Education to protect the rights of students who are deaf, blind, or have low vision.

What can parents do?

  • Write to your local member as soon as possible.
  • The groups have prepared some background information and questions you can ask your local member.
  • Write from the heart and your experience.
  • Tell them about your child who is deaf or hard of hearing. 
  • How has the Visiting Teacher Service benefitted your child?
  • Encourage your family and friends to spread the word through social media - use the has hashtag #SeeUsHearUs

Click here to read the background information and questions to ask your local member. Only use the questions that are concerning you and your family. 

Media from UsherKids Australia: Vulnerable children to lose classroom support in big cut to specialised teachers.

Read the Joint Position Statement from SPEVI and NAATD.