Deaf Culture 101

In this wonderful Aussie Deaf Kids webinar, Fiona Graney explores what it means to be Deaf with Alex Jones. There is much that parents of children with hearing loss can learn from these leading advocates for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Alex Jones needs little introduction. He is a third-generation Deaf man. He is a proud father of two children: one is also Deaf, and one is a CODA. Alex is an innovator, a communicator, and community leader. He is a co-founder of Ai-Media and has been on numerous boards and working groups. Many families would know him as the face in the NextSense Auslan tutor.

Fiona Graney was a Director on the Aussie Deaf Kids board. She is a lawyer and mother and has had a severe sensorineural hearing loss since contracting meningitis as a toddler. Fiona has learnt so much from Alex during their time working at the Disability Royal Commission and wanted to share some of his thoughts and wisdom with our Aussie Deaf Kids community.



  • CODA
  • The Silent Child


  • Deaf Utopia,
    A Memoir – and a Love Letter to a Way of Life
  • Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks
  • Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon

TV Shows

  • Switched at Birth
  • Deaf U