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Connecting with other families

From sharing tips, exchanging advice or being a support network to one another, connecting with others going through similar experiences can be invaluable. Parents, carers, children and young people will benefit and feel less isolated when connecting with other families on their journey of childhood deafness.

There are many ways to connect, so choose what works for you, whether it be online or in person.

Here are just a few examples:

  • ADK Facebook groups (see link) – ask if anyone in your local area wants to meet
  • PODC host regular events for kids and their families in NSW (see link)
  • Deaf Children Aust (DCA) – POD support network & parent mentors in VIC/QLD
  • WAFDC – Family Network Group
  • Early Intervention providers
  • Auslan playgroups
  • Contact your local Deaf association for:
    • participation in Deaf community events
    • Parent to parent mentoring
  • Reach out to the parents of kids who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing at your child’s school
  • Ask your child’s audiologist if there are other local families who are keen to meet.

Download the Real Life Tips infographic.

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