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Connecting to computers for home schooling

27 March, 2020 Ann Porter Parents

Thanks to Hearing Australia for compiling this list for families stuck at home with the kids over the next while.

Many of the wireless accessories that our aided children use can connect to a computer or iPad, so that the children can get a better or more consistent sound quality than just listening via the speaker on their device.  In some cases the transmitter needs to be connected via an audiocable, in others the connection can be via blue-tooth.  Some of the products allow you to mute the hearing device’s microphones so that the only sound heard is via the wireless system;  the actual functionality will vary depending upon the individual child’s technology set-up.  If families have questions they’re welcome to contact their audiologist.

Listed below are a series of links to either instruction books, or pages with instructional videos.  It isn’t exhaustive, but it should cover the majority of wireless accessories that your members would use.  The devices are in alphabetical order according to the supplier.


There are a range of video and printed resources here to cover the product that clients may be using with their Cochlear Implant processor or Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

MedEl AudioLink

Used with Med-El Cochlear Implants and implantable bone conduction devices.

Oticon Medical Streamer 

This is used with the Ponto 3 Bone Conduction aids

Phonak Roger Products

Roger Touchscreen 

This is the transmitter that is most commonly fitted to pre-schoolers and primary aged children.  The Roger Touchscreen Mic can transmit from a laptop or iPad if it is plugged in using the accessory cable that was supplied in the fitting kit.  This link goes to a very long instruction manual, but section 16.7 says:

How to use it:

Roger Pen

The Roger Pen will mostly be used by students who are secondary-aged or older.  It can be paired via Bluetooth to some devices or connected via an audiocable to others. The page below has two videos – one for connecting to media and the other for pairing to Bluetooth.  

Roger Select  

The Roger Select transmitter is another device that some secondary-aged and older students use.  It can be connected to media sources via a cable.

Resound MultiMic

Used with GNR hearing aids and/or Cochlear Nucleus products.


Signia Streamline Mic  

Used with many of the Signia hearing aids that are typically fitted to secondary-aged and older clients.


Oticon Medical Streamer 

This is used with the Ponto 3 Bone Conduction aids