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Classroom acoustics

Australia has acoustic standards and recommendations for primary school teaching spaces or single classrooms but these are not legislated or regulated. The recommended Australian Standards for typically developing children are:

– Unoccupied noise levels: < 35 dBA

– Occupied sound levels of <50 dBA

There are a number of free apps available for iOS and Android phones to measure decibel levels.

If the room is too noisy, teachers and other kids will also benefit by reducing the noise levels. The school can place rugs or carpets in the room. Hang curtains or blinds in the windows. Hang soft materials such as felt or corkboard on the walls.

Place tables at an angle around the room instead of in rows. Turn off noisy equipment when it is not in use.

We encourage you to work with your child’s teacher and school to measure noise levels and find ways to optimise their classroom acoustics!

Download the Real Life Tips infographic.

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