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Child Safety Guidelines - Sharing Photos and Information Online

At Aussie Deaf Kids, we understand that parents like to share the milestones, challenges and precious moments of their children's lives. However, it is necessary to consider the safety implications of sharing photos and personal information online. While our moderated Facebook groups are a great way to connect with other parents and seek advice, protecting your child's privacy and safety is crucial when sharing their hearing loss journey. We've developed guidelines to help you share information and photos safely.

Always remember – The internet is forever. Once something is posted online, it's difficult to delete it completely.  So be mindful of what you share.

  1. Avoid posting photos of identifiable locations and landmarks

When posting photos of your child, avoid images that could identify your location. Don't include street signs, house numbers, school logos, or landmarks in the background of your photos.

  1. Do not post photos of your children in school uniforms

While uniforms can be a sense of pride, posting photos of your child in their school uniforms can reveal the school they attend. Keep this information private.

  1. Avoid inappropriate poses or clothing in photos

Be mindful of the poses and clothing in the photos. Avoid inappropriate poses or clothing that could be seen as sexual or revealing.

  1. Ask for permission before sharing a photo of another person - including your child

Always ask for permission before sharing a photo of another person, including your child if they are old enough to have their own opinion on it. If they say no, then respect their decision.

  1. Review your privacy settings on Facebook and other platforms

Make sure your privacy settings are up-to-date. Ensure that only the people you know and trust have access to the photos and information you share online. Do not share sensitive or personally identifiable information about your family.

  1. Be cautious about accepting friend requests from strangers

Be wary of accepting friend requests from people you don't know or have no mutual friends with you. Remember that people can create fake profiles to gain access to your personal information or photos.

  1. Use watermarks to protect your photos

Using a watermark on your photos will make it harder for others to use them without your permission. A watermark can be as simple as writing your name or the date on the image.

  1. Have an open discussion with your child about online safety

At the appropriate age, have an open discussion with your children about what they can and cannot share online. Teach them about the risks of sharing personal information and photos and make them aware of the importance of protecting their online identity.

At Aussie Deaf Kids, we understand the benefits of sharing photos and information online. We hope these guidelines help you do it safely. If you have any questions or concerns about child safety guidelines, feel free to contact us at



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