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Child safeguarding - words to empower

27 October, 2021 Ann Porter Parents

Children who are deaf or hard of hearing might not have the language needed to share their feelings and experiences which let you know when they feel unsafe or have been abused. You can build your child's vocabulary to help keep them safe.

Educate2Empower Publishing specialises in children's books and resources that focus on body safety, respectful relationships and social and emotional intelligence. 

Click on the images below to download two posters which might assist you to work on some important words and concepts to educate and empower your children and keep them safe!

And here are some ideas for using the Feelings Cards  

  • Cut up the cards. Attach the words onto the back of each card by either glueing them in place or folding them under along the dotted line. Shuffle the cards and ask the child to select a card to describe how they are feeling. Explore why they might be feeling that emotion today.
  • Display the complete poster. Discuss the feelings with your child and other words that could be used instead of the ‘key' word written, e.g. Sometimes you feel ‘sad’. Let’s talk about the other words we can use to describe feeling sad? 
  • Play ‘Memory’ with the cut out cards and the cut out labels. Can your child match the words to the child’s expression?