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Child Safeguarding

Aussie Deaf Kids is committed to safeguarding children. We will not tolerate child abuse or harm. The attitudes, values, policies and practices of our organisation and its people prioritise the safety and well-being of all children.

The Risk

We don't like to think about it, but our children who are deaf or hard of hearing are at a higher risk for both abuse and neglect.  They might not always be able to communicate easily and fluently or understand the nuances of conversation with neighbours, caregivers, or strangers, which puts them at higher risk of being victims of someone, somewhere.

If we can stop that cycle with even one child, one family, our efforts are more than worthwhile. 


Ironically, it is our reluctance to consider the possibility of sexual abuse and discuss it with children that exposes them to the greatest risk. In fact, the most significant preventative factor against child sexual abuse is talking to children. Talking about sexual abuse stacks the odds in favour of children because it increases the odds of disclosure. If there is any threat to the secrecy of a perpetrator’s behaviour, they are likely to reconsider their actions. And contrary to parental fear about frank discussion destroying a child’s innocence, many children learn about sexual abuse from other sources. 

“Child sexual abuse is always a crime. It is never the child’s fault and, the person abusing the child is ALWAYS 100% responsible.”

Parent Guides

The following publications provide parents with valuable information to help safeguard our children, such as recognising the signs of child sexual abuse, who the offenders are, grooming and how to talk to your children about personal safety. 

Internet Safety

This eSafety publication includes advice on protecting your kids online, including how safe it is to share photos of them online.

Parent Groups

Compliance with child safety principles is one of the conditions for joining our online parent groups as specified in our terms and conditions.

GPODHH Initiative – Safeguarding for Families

The Global Coalition of Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (GPODHH) is an international collaboration of parent groups dedicated to promoting improved systemic protocols and practices which encourage informed choice and the empowerment of families with a deaf or hard of hearing child throughout the world.  They recently launched a new project to raise awareness of the need to ensure the safety of our children.

Words to Empower

Confident and empowered children are less likely to be at risk of child abuse. These publications are all about empowerment of children.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is not intended as a substitute for independent professional advice.

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