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Travelling with cochlear implants

Family holidays are a time for fun! However, travelling with kids who wear cochlear implants needs some planning before you set off on your adventure. Packing tips: cochlear implant card or patient ID card rechargeable batteries and charger disposable batteries in case no access to power spare processors, cables and coils wireless accessory for audio/communication […]

Keeping hearing aids on babies

At about six months of age, babies start gaining more control of their hands and begin to explore the world around them. Just as many babies find it interesting to pull off their shoes and socks, some babies love to pull off their hearing aids. Some babies also put them in their mouths. Here are […]

Donating or recycling old hearing aids

Rather than throwing out your child’s old hearing aids or storing them in a drawer, they can be recycled or donated. Not only are you helping the planet, but you can help those who are on low incomes or in developing nations. Click on the links to find out how. Hearing Australia can also use […]

Cleaning Time

It is a good idea to regularly clean and check your child’s hearing aids or processors and other equipment. Some parents undertake this cleaning process every 3 months and align it with the school holidays which serve as a helpful reminder. If you have little ones you may need to clean them more often. Craft […]




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