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7 Positive childhood experiences

Research demonstrates that both positive and adverse experiences shape brain development and health across the life span. Studies on child development show that Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) lay a foundation for optimal childhood development and flourishing adult mental and social connectedness despite co-occurring adversities. The 2019 study at Johns Hopkins University identified 7 Positive Childhood […]

Connecting with other families

From sharing tips, exchanging advice or being a support network to one another, connecting with others going through similar experiences can be invaluable. Parents, carers, children and young people will benefit and feel less isolated when connecting with other families on their journey of childhood deafness. There are many ways to connect, so choose what […]

Teens dealing with social isolation

It is quite normal for our teens who are deaf or hard of hearing to feel isolated at times. However, if they are experiencing persistent feelings of loneliness, it’s important to seek solutions. There are things your teen can do to feel less isolated: 1. Talk Encourage them to reach out to you (parent/carer) or […]

Social model of disability

As parents of children with hearing loss, we want to protect our kids from discrimination and ensure they have equal access in society. Deafness and hearing loss are complex issues that affect each child differently. A social model of disability accepts their individual differences and removes barriers so they can participate in their community and […]

Is this a deaf thing?

Is my child misbehaving because of their personality, or is it because there is a breakdown in communication or understanding? Is it a Deaf Thing? Check out the link to the article on the Hands & Voices website… Download the Real Life Tips infographic. More information: Is this a deaf thing? – Hands & Voices Behaviour […]


There are various terms for describing people with varying degrees or kinds of deafness. The most important and common terms are shown above. It can be a matter of personal preference, a cultural thing, and/or a language choice. So, to avoid offending someone, it is best to ask what term/s they prefer. For definitions and […]

How to explain a genetic condition to your child

Children can start asking why they have a hearing loss from a young age. It is not an easy discussion, and there are no hard and fast rules. Genetics is a complex topic, and the amount of information they need will depend on their age. Young children benefit from small amounts of information. They can […]

How youth can develop social capital

Social capital refers to the value and benefits that arise from an individual’s relationships, connections, and networks with others in a community or society. For most young people, having social capital is beneficial in transitioning to postsecondary education and employment. For adolescents who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), social capital can help them […]

I don’t like being deaf

As parents of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, we often have to answer tricky questions or have difficult conversations with our kids. They may not like their hearing devices or being different from other kids and struggle with their sense of self and identity. Dr Bianca Birdsey is a mother of […]

Managing listening fatigue

Children with hearing loss have to concentrate more than their hearing peers to hear, comprehend and respond effectively. There is a lot of energy required in lip reading, interpreting expressions, and filling in the gaps in conversations. It is no wonder our kids are in a state of exhaustion when they get home from school. […]

Travelling with cochlear implants

Family holidays are a time for fun! However, travelling with kids who wear cochlear implants needs some planning before you set off on your adventure. Packing tips: cochlear implant card or patient ID card rechargeable batteries and charger disposable batteries in case no access to power spare processors, cables and coils wireless accessory for audio/communication […]

Keeping hearing aids on babies

At about six months of age, babies start gaining more control of their hands and begin to explore the world around them. Just as many babies find it interesting to pull off their shoes and socks, some babies love to pull off their hearing aids. Some babies also put them in their mouths. Here are […]

Donating or recycling old hearing aids

Rather than throwing out your child’s old hearing aids or storing them in a drawer, they can be recycled or donated. Not only are you helping the planet, but you can help those who are on low incomes or in developing nations. Click on the links to find out how. Hearing Australia can also use […]

Cleaning Time

It is a good idea to regularly clean and check your child’s hearing aids or processors and other equipment. Some parents undertake this cleaning process every 3 months and align it with the school holidays which serve as a helpful reminder. If you have little ones you may need to clean them more often. Craft […]

Teaching your DHH Teen to Drive

Learning to drive can be a stressful time for both parent and student, especially if they are deaf or hard of hearing. However, don’t let this deter you as they are just as safe on the road as hearing drivers. If applicable, insist they wear their hearing aids or cochlear implant while driving. Ensure they […]

Making informed decisions

There are four steps to making informed decisions: STEP 1: What decision do I need to make? How long do I have to make this decision? What is my role in this process? STEP 2: What are my options? What are the possible benefits and risks of each option? How would this decision affect my […]

Decisions, it’s okay to change them

As parents, we want to make the best decisions for our children. We gather information from various sources and then make our educated choices. When it comes to young children who are deaf or hard of hearing, there are big decisions to be made – method of communication, whether to aid or implant, choosing a […]

Couch potato or bookworm

Parents need to consider how much they influence the future behaviour of their children by setting an example. Children tend to copy their parents’ behaviour. If parents are readers, their children will be apt to read. There is strong evidence that children raised in families that enjoy reading and writing as an activity are inclined […]

Remember to enjoy time together over Christmas

The festive season is the perfect time for families to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and spend quality time together. So, don’t forget to take some time to create positive experiences and find joy in the little things, and in each other’s company. Download the Real Life Tips infographic.  

Making Christmas deaf friendly

Christmas is an exciting time for children, but for deaf and hard of hearing kids, it can also be very stressful and tiring due to being surrounded by more people and more noise. Here are some of the adjustments you can do to make Christmas deaf friendly: Use tablecloths to minimise the sound of cutlery […]




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