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Build a bonnet

Toddler in bonnetHere is a great way to keep hearing aids on babies! Follow the instructions below to sew your baby his or her very own bonnet.

Materials needed
Netting/voile (1 metre makes several)
Bias binding or ribbon (2.5cm (1") wide)
Velcro 2cm wide
Brown paper for pattern


  1. Tack sides to crown and try on child to get a rough guide. Once adjustments have been made, machine or hand sew together. Ensure that the bonnet is a very close fit around the face to stop fingers slipping into ears (do not make with room for growth!).
  2. Bias bind all the seams you have sewn keeping the seams as flat as possible
  3. Fold bias binding around nape of neck and sew on, so as half of the bias binding is inside the bonnet and half is showing on the outside.
  4. Repeat step 3 for around the front of the bonnet.
  5. Reinforce bonnet by sewing a square of bias binding diagonally on both side corners of bonnet, taking care not to cover the ears, then sew velcro on one of these side corners directly onto the bias binding reinforcement.
  6. For strap, cut off length of bias binding required. Sew one end flat on the other reinforced side corner. Once you have done this, sew binding together so it is half its original width under the chin leaving enough at the end of the strap to lay flat, to sew velcro on, to enable the bonnet to do up.

Tip: if you double the thickness of the netting/voile the bonnet will be stronger.

Diagrams below show the pattern and suggested measurements for a 12 month old. They are not to scale!

Pattern - side

Pattern - gusset

Information provided by Auditory Verbal UK. Reproduced with permission.

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