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Hearing aid batteries come in many sizes. Only the size specific for each hearing aid should be used as others may damage the battery door or internal workings of the hearing aid.

Batteries come in packets with a removable tab. Once the tab is removed the battery becomes active, therefore avoid removing the tab unless intending to use the battery.

The different battery sizes are:-

  • Size 10 – Yellow
  • Size 13 – Orange
  • Size 312 – Brown
  • Size 675 – Blue
Battery packs

Take note of the size of the battery before disposal of the old battery.

To increase the life of the hearing aid battery always open the battery door when storing the hearing aid overnight or the hearing aid is not in use. When a battery is almost flat a warning tone may be emitted in the hearing aid. Take this tone as a cue to change the battery. If two hearing aids are worn simultaneously, it is advised to change both when warning tone is heard.

It is recommended to carry a spare set of batteries at all times to avoid being caught with flat batteries and hearing aids that do not function.

Caution should be made to avoid swallowing or ingesting batteries as this could be harmful or fatal. If batteries are swallowed please phone the Poisons Information Centre immediately.

Poisons Information Centre
13 11 26
24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Australia wide

Keep all batteries (used and unused) away from infants and small children to avoid risk of swallowing.

Please dispose of all used batteries thoughtfully and sensibly. Take care not to mix up new and old batteries.

Before inserting new batteries, remember to check the ‘use by’ date of the batteries.

Store all spare batteries in a cool, dry place.


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