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Access to the NDIS - is your child eligible?

04 November, 2017 Ann Porter Parents

The NDIA had updated the access requirements for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The important information for families whose child is deaf or hard of hearing is in Section 9.5.2

Early intervention for hearing impairment for people aged 0-25

"The NDIA will be satisfied that a person meets the early intervention requirements without further assessment when the person:

  • is aged between birth and 25 years of age; and
  • has confirmed results from a specialist audiological assessment (including electrophysiological testing when required) consistent with auditory neuropathy OR hearing loss ≥ 25 decibels in either ear at 2 or more adjacent frequencies, which is likely to be permanent or long term; and
  • the hearing loss of the person necessitates the use of personal amplification.

This streamlined access approach for early intervention acknowledges a rich body of evidence that recognises that early intervention support up to and including the age of 25 is critical for people with hearing impairment as the developing brain requires consistent and quality sound input and other support over that period to develop normally and ameliorate the risk of lifelong disability.

This same body of evidence suggests that brain development and language capability have been achieved by the age of 26. Therefore, adults aged 26 years and over are not immediately accepted to be likely to benefit from the same early intervention approach because there is no requirement to support the development of the auditory pathways. Adults aged 26 years and over with hearing impairment will therefore be assessed normally, on a case by case basis, having regard to the availability of all relevant evidence."

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