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7 Positive Childhood Experiences

15 November, 2021 Ann Porter Parents

7 Positive Childhood Experiences infographicProviding a loving and supportive home environment for children sets them on a healthy path to adulthood.

Research demonstrates that both positive and adverse experiences shape brain development and health across the life span. Studies on child development show that Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE) lay a foundation for optimal childhood development and social connectness despite co-occuring adversities.

The 2019 studies at Johns Hopkins University identified 7 Positive Childhood Experiences. 

  1. Ability to talk with family about feelings
  2. Felt experience that family is supportive in difficult times
  3. Enjoyment in participation in community traditions
  4. Feeling of belonging in high school
  5. Feeling of being supported by friends
  6. Having at least two non-parent adults who genuinely care
  7. Feeling safe and protected by an adult at home.

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